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Pumped-storage Power Generation | Sustainable and Renewable Energy

While renewable energy has been introduced as a measure against global warming, demand for stabilisation control of power systems is increasing. Our Hydro Electrical Systems not only ensures peak shaving but also provides systems that contribute to power grid stabilization control, including the variable-speed pumping technology.

Our Solutions

We can design and customise various solutions that cover

Water conveyance - channel, pipeline, or pressurised pipeline (penstock) that delivers the water

Turbine, pump, or waterwheel - transforms the energy of flowing water into rotational energy

Alternator or generator - transforms the rotational energy into electricity

Regulator - controls the generator

Wiring - delivers the electricity.

Benefits of Using a Hydro-Electrical System

Generate Power

The most prominent advantage of PV cells is the clean and green energy it provides. There is no fear or worry about the panels generating any harmful greenhouse gases into the air like carbon dioxide.

Renewable Clean Source Of Energy

The energy generated through hydropower relies on the water cycle, which is driven by the sun, making it renewable. Hydropower is fueled by water, making it a clean source of energy.


Hydropower provides low-cost electricity and durability over time compared to other sources of energy. Construction costs can even be mitigated by using preexisting structures such as bridges, tunnels, and dams.

Hydropower Compliments Other Renewable Energy Sources.

Technologies like pumped storage hydropower (PSH) store energy to use in tandem with renewables such as wind and solar power when demand is high.

Key Features

Efficient provides future proof installations and services that support next generation technologies that have transitioned from First Generation ETACS, GSM / CDMA, UMTS and 5G disruptions support nationwide.

Fully Customized Service

We design and install your preferred system based on your needs and usage to maximise the benefits of a hydro-electrical system with maintenance support for maximum efficiency and cost.

Rapid Large Scale Deployment

Our team of Electrical engineers and qualified licensed technicians with extensive product certifications, training and licensed electrical work experience. We have the capability to install and maintain a range of combinations systems at a large scale.

Pumped-Storage Power Generation Control System

Our pumped-storage power generation system not only ensures peak shaving but also provides systems that contribute to power grid stabilisation control, including the variable-speed pumping technology.

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