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Start integration of new devices, data, platforms and applications combined with IT assets to work well together in the context of implementing end-to-end IoT business solutions. Our IoT system integrates IoT solutions with your enterprise apps, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises. Call us today for a consultation to be technology ready to prepare for next-generation innovations.

Our Solutions

We can design and customise various solutions that cover

Cybersecurity of and modes of data communication and local storage

Implementing a company-wide safety and security-by-design approach

Improving software redundancy, reliability and controls

Ensuring the robustness and integrity of complex multi-device networks

Benefits of using an Integrated IoT System

Efficient Operation Management

The most prominent advantage of an integrated IoT System is the automated control over multiple operation areas, including, among others, inventory management, shipping tracking, fuel and spare parts management ensuring efficient operation management.

Cost-Effective Operation

Due to the reduced downtime periods, ensured by automatically scheduled and controlled maintenance, supply of raw materials, and other manufacturing requirements, the equipment may have a higher production rate resulting in more significant profits.

Real-Time Insights For Better Business Decisions

Pulling data from IoT devices provides businesses with more information from more sources to make more informed decisions. Additionally, IoT devices and sensors typically offer a continuous stream of data, meaning organisations are always working from the most relevant and recent information to make proactive adjustments rather than reactive ones.

A Safer and More Productive Workplace

IoT changes the overall workplace; it creates new jobs, tasks, and skills for personnel to master. Digital literacy and data analytics will take increasing importance. The IoT also improves the safety of our workplaces. IoT-connected sensors will help us monitor confined and hazardous places and processes, removing humans from danger.

Key Features

Efficient SG offers premier services for all engineering works with extensive key features for all products with great emphasis on providing a high level of employee & customer support to ensure the assignments are completed.

Fully Customized Service

Customise an IoT technology solution to enable immense acceleration of economic value of your facilities to gain maximum efficiency and productivity and computing intelligence out of your equipment and manufacturing components.

Store Data in a Centralised Cloud Server

IoT edge computing allows connected devices to distribute redundant computations, calculate, analyze, and keep data individually. Edge computing is a transformational approach to data processing that translates into significant performance improvements for industries that adopt IoT.

Comprehensive Technical Support

We provide end-to-end solutions that allow your system to transmit data and make critical decisions fast, making sure the system works fluently through the client’s value-chain to help address technology challenges and expertise with next-generation future-proof solutions and new technologies to stay relevant.

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