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What we do

Telecoms Infrastructure

5g Indoor Solutions

Wi-Fi security & analysis monitoring - Securing Hotspots

Indoor Planning, channel sounding & multi-path theory - Antenna Theory

Ensuring the robustness and integrity of complex multi-device networks

Propagation Model Calibration Fundamentals and Field Practices

Cellular/Wireless Systems Engineering

Scalable WiFi/5G/4G LTE

AI-Driven Wireless

Complete Network and RF System Architecture, Design and Implementation

Field Support Engineering Services

Data and Internet Access Systems

Building IOT infrastructure

Cloud Computing & Edge Computing

Big Data Analytics

Physical Devices and Controllers


Collaboration and Processes

Electric Vehicles Charge Stations

Commercial fleet EV charging

Commercial building

Residential locations

Full range of services for EV infrastructure

Solar PV Arrays

Energy Storage System

Building Integrated PV Systems

Solar Thermal PV System

Full range of services for Solar PV Systems

Hydro Electrical Systems

Water Conveyance

Turbine, Pump, or Waterwheel

Alternator or Generator



Integrated IOT Systems

Cybersecurity of and modes of data communication and local storage

Implementing a company-wide safety and security-by-design approach

Improving software redundancy, reliability and controls

Ensuring the robustness and integrity of complex multi-device networks

Software Development of professional Services

Sophisticated Web Portal

Advanced Mobile Application

Integrated Softwares

Enterprise Security

AI and Cloud Systems Integrated solutions

Fintech & Open-Banking

Blockchain & Defi

Document AI

Contact Center AI

Who we are

Efficient Networks

Efficient Networks is a communications technology solutions company centered on Cellular/Wireless System Engineering, IoT infrastructure, Electric Vehicles Charging stations, Solar PV arrays and hydro-electrical systems in Singapore.

We’re an environmentally friendly technology company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products & solutions to our clients in Singapore since 2008.

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Efficient Networks

Office Address: 32 Kallang Pl, Singapore 3391609 am to 6 pm (GMT+8) Mon-Fri, Excluding PHHotline: +65 6848 9318Fax: +65 6848 9317