Fibre Ready Building

MDA's ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) Programme was announced during Budget 2014. This includes a Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS), which is applicable to non-residential buildings.

Over the past few years, fibre take-up by non-residential users has risen steadily, and has exceeded 85% as at April 2017.

Future-Proof Your Building

IMDA's ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) Programme was announced during Budget 2014. This includes Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS) which was launched to benefit building owners of non-residential buildings. Even though the scheme has ended on 31 March 2018, the benefits for future proofing your building is as follows -

  • Reduced ad-hoc installation works, any works done will be less disruptive
  • Less riser and ceiling congestion
  • Safer environment with reduced height and fire-loading issues, night works and labour-intensive activities
  • Ease of maintenance that will allow fast repairs and trouble-shooting if a centralised containment system is deployed

Contact us to provide a one-stop solution to your fibre ready building needs. Our experienced group of professionals will handle the entire implementation progress, documentation and BIM(Building Information Modelling), you will require minimum resources to complete the entire process within the shortest possible time.

Client's Fullfillment

As with most RF wireless broadband technologies currently deployed, the underlying infrastructure and framework is not entirely new and is based on ISO protocol layering, the present structure of the Internet is the result of TCP/IPevolutionary developments.

Customer expectations and QoS ... what we deliver

Project costing and budgets needs to meet the subscriber desire for coverage and capacity means operators must optimize the use of existing investments and scrutinize financial and cost implications of project expenditures.

We expect the best from ourselves and our contractors and emphasize in providing a high level of employee and customer support to ensure our committed work and more gets done, getting more value for what you pay for.

Our Solutions

As a network traffic increases ...

Network operators and Vendors seeks to optimize the installed radio site equipments based on the parameters and settings from initial radio plans during initial deployment, the expansion of network traffic and coverage will be as a result of the addition of the new sites.

Systems Acceptance Testing and Site audit services

Efficient shall conduct a detailed study of the installed site to ensure all the Equipments are commissioned and in proper working order once the installation is complete and check listed. The physical and installed structures any shall undergo a detailed audit on eye-ball and physical checks, all radio-systems and end-to-end connectivity once fully integrated. A user acceptance test-procedure shall be defined to conduct End-to-end testing to ensure the services and internet links are reliable and consistent.

Radio and Systems performance optimization

Efficient shall provide the labour and technical support perform various optimization such as modification to antenna tilt, drive-testing and modification site equipment settings or configurations required to ensure that the existing Network performance is not degraded.

Our Consulting

Delivering increased value to the customer’s organisation

Efficient Networks is constantly working on improving design, installation and technical support to address your technical and commercial needs.

We are always keen to host Workshops in a continuing effort to educate and inform Wi-Fi professionals and enthusiasts about Cellular, 802.1x and emerging wireless standards, propagation techniques, security measures, RF interference and other license-free band quality issues. In addition to theories, attendees have the opportunity to gain an in-depth review of latest wireless technologies and measurement tools form invited speakers whom are experts in their own field.

  • Wi-Fi security & analysis monitoring - Securing Hotspots
  • Indoor Planning, channel sounding & multi-path theory - Antenna Theory
  • Propagation Model Calibration Fundamentals and Field Practices
  • Fundamentals of Cellular 2G, 3G, Wimax and emerging broadband wireless standards

System maintenance contracts services can be provided by providing a maintenance team consisting of trained systems-engineering support. Efficient can supply the skilled labour and engineers for the systems monitoring maintenance and repair for equipments used including electrical and RF infrastructure in the Network, e.g. Internet switch, fixed and wireless backhaul equipments, power redundancy and others for all Base Stations, Mircro wave and CPE deployed in the Networks. A swift response team can be deployed where deemed necessary.

Quick Facts

Efficient Networks International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Registration No: 200803459R,

Year Established: 2006

Key Technology: Broadband

Wireless Systems and Cabling Technologies

Business Nature: Wireless Consulting

(formerly Efficient Networks International (Singapore)) Government Trading Partner : 200803459R

Registration Status : EPPU Financial Grade S6 (up tp $3,000,000).

BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

News Events

  • 2007/02 Efficient Networks was involved in Radio Optimisation for Outdoor Node-B for Outdoor sites in Singapore

  • 2008/07 Efficient Networks provides RAN optimization and HS swap out Indoor/Outdoor PAT, FAT and Optimization of 1500 node-B

  • 2007/12 Efficient Networks wins Wireless@Sg Access Point deployment project with local company

  • 2008/04 Efficient Networks is incorporated Officially as Efficient Networks (S) Pte Ltd

  • 2008/05 Efficient Networks joins BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

  • 2008/06 Efficient Networks completes RBS E1 expansion and upgrades for 250 sites

  • 2008/09 Efficient Networks win Orchard Central Elevator and Escalator supervisory and controls cabling project

  • 2009/03 Efficient Networks successfully completes 3G 2nd carrier expansion upgrade

  • 2009/01 Efficient Networks performs SMRT NEL 2G coverage enhancement ATP .

  • 2009/05 Efficient Networks is awarded Marina Bay Financial Centre elevator supervisory and controls cabling project.

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