In-Building Fibre Infrastructure

Efficient Networks provides the installation of infrastructure that will provide open access to ultra-high speed fibre broadband to the tenants in a building. Three methods commonly used in Singapore is via wiring through the existing or new cable tray, direct method and/or break-point method.

The Air Blown Fibre (ABF) is a process of installing optical fibre by blowing fibre cables using compressed air through a fibre blowing machine. One of the system deployed is through the ABF going mainly from the MDF room and into the riser following into the respective units.

Broadband Wireless

Efficient can deploy network independent tools and software with the ability to see the “whole picture” as well as pinpointing channel interference for ISPs and Hotspots. Wimax and 802.11 a/b/g measurements can be mapped to GPS data so that every time/date/location stamped for real-time or post processing analysis.

WI-FI Site Survey

The Yellowjacket® system uses a custom receiver, interfaces true RF spectrum protocol analysis and direction finding tool accurate to within 1 dB. Berkeley’s calibrated receiver sweeps and measures all RF energy in the 2.4 GHz range as well as on each of the 14 OFDM/DSSS channels for detailed network inspection of any nearby 802.11b/g APs or STAs. More Information Yellowjacket® is a calibrated wireless receiver module that interfaces with HP’s iPAQ® PocketPC® in sweeping, analyzing and optimizing 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Networks. The receiver measures all 14 OFDM/DSSS network channels which operate on the IEEE 802.11b/g standard allowing the user to determine the AP’s MAC, SSID and RSSI signal levels for all access points on or off any 802.11b/g WISP or Hotspots.

Cellular Mobile Wireless

The aim of propagation model calibration is to enable RF prediction models to make reliable simulations. The CW measurement process provides a real-world sampling through RF measurements campaigns of actual coverage of the frequencies understudy transmitted by a CW transmitter and measured within the transmission range for the data logging and collection of actual Received Signal Levels within the coverage areas. The results are used to calibrate empirical models within the Radio Network planning software to gain better accuracies on RMS and confidence levels.

CW Measurement Solution for Propagation Model Tuning

The Coyote™ is is a high performance, modular receiver system providing precision, dual-band signal strength measurements using two independent receivers. It is internally powered (or may be externally) and logs measurements and displays graphically, a wide array of built-in real-time macro measurements. These include RSSI, adjacent channel, "best server", peak hold and A-band or B-band scan analysis for RF Propagations Model Tuning and Calibrations.

We carry a wide assortment of RF measurement and analysis tools such as Power meters, Spectrum analyzers and GSM/CDMA modulated transmitters to cater to your RF engineering needs.

2G/3G In-line RF Power Meter

The YellowFrog® handheld power meter with frequencies range from 800 MHz to 2.2 GHz with an accuracy of + 0.5 dB with an in-line type "N" connector for instant verification of wired power levels in dBm or Watts. Yellow Frog™ only requires 2 AA Ni-MH batteries (2 sets and charger included) to operate continuously for over 8 hours. The portable instrument weighs less than 2 pounds and features a large LCD display and USB port which also YellowFrog Power Meterprovides power when connected to any WindowsXP PC.

Wireless Solutions Hands-on

Network Performance and Calibration Tools

Efficient Networks services and product offers are designed to assist engineers, senior management, and project management in service providers, regulators and industry watchers in keeping abreast of best engineering practices, technology developments and other factors affecting their business.

Quick Facts

Efficient Networks International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Registration No: 200803459R,

Year Established: 2006

Key Technology: Broadband

Wireless Systems and Cabling Technologies

Business Nature: Wireless Consulting

(formerly Efficient Networks International (Singapore)) Government Trading Partner : 200803459R

Registration Status : EPPU Financial Grade S6 (up tp $3,000,000).

BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

News Events

  • 2007/02 Efficient Networks was involved in Radio Optimisation for Outdoor Node-B for Outdoor sites in Singapore

  • 2008/07 Efficient Networks provides RAN optimization and HS swap out Indoor/Outdoor PAT, FAT and Optimization of 1500 node-B

  • 2007/12 Efficient Networks wins Wireless@Sg Access Point deployment project with local company

  • 2008/04 Efficient Networks is incorporated Officially as Efficient Networks (S) Pte Ltd

  • 2008/05 Efficient Networks joins BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

  • 2008/06 Efficient Networks completes RBS E1 expansion and upgrades for 250 sites

  • 2008/09 Efficient Networks win Orchard Central Elevator and Escalator supervisory and controls cabling project

  • 2009/03 Efficient Networks successfully completes 3G 2nd carrier expansion upgrade

  • 2009/01 Efficient Networks performs SMRT NEL 2G coverage enhancement ATP .

  • 2009/05 Efficient Networks is awarded Marina Bay Financial Centre elevator supervisory and controls cabling project.

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