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2007/02 Efficient Networks was involved in Radio Optimisation for Outdoor Node-B for Outdoor sites in Singapore

2008/07 Efficient Networks provides RAN optimization and HS swap out Indoor/Outdoor PAT, FAT and Optimization of 1500 node-B

2007/12 Efficient Networks wins Wireless@Sg Access Point deployment project with local company

2008/04 Efficient Networks is incorporated Officially as Efficient Networks (S) Pte Ltd

2008/05 Efficient Networks joins BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

2008/06 Efficient Networks completes RBS E1 expansion and upgrades for 250 sites

2008/09 Efficient Networks win Orchard Central Elevator and Escalator supervisory and controls cabling project

2009/03 Efficient Networks successfully completes 3G 2nd carrier expansion upgrade

2009/01 Efficient Networks performs SMRT NEL 2G coverage enhancement ATP .

2009/05 Efficient Networks is awarded Marina Bay Financial Centre elevator supervisory and controls cabling project.

Quick Facts

Efficient Networks International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Registration No: 200803459R,

Year Established: 2006

Key Technology: Broadband

Wireless Systems and Cabling Technologies

Business Nature: Wireless Consulting

(formerly Efficient Networks International (Singapore)) Government Trading Partner : 200803459R

Registration Status : EPPU Financial Grade S6 (up tp $3,000,000).

BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012