Delivering with Confidence ... 'Out-of-the-box' solutions

As with most RF wireless broadband technologies currently deployed, the present structure of the Internet is the result of evolutionary developments. The underlying framework is not entirely new and is based on existing wireless engineering and installation methods. The understanding of the workings and installation practices is important to ensure a problem-free and rapid implementation of a wireless network.

In order to keep abreast with the latest achievements and development in the wireless telco domains, we devote much effort in strengthening the ties with the info-com community. Our solutions are provided on the basis that they are best-in-class and offer a tremendous value to our customers.

Our selection of contractors and partners are characterized by a high innovation content that can present a distinct advantage to give our clients the winning edge.

What we can do for you...

  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Rapid Roll-out Implementation
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • System-engineering Advisory
  • Project management
  • Reduce operational Cost

Quality Assurance

What we excell in ...

Efficient Networks continually implements, maintains and consistently improves our quality management system through effective internal and client communication ensuring quality communication channel between our company level and our customers . Our core values ensure the quality of products and services are consistently delivered to our clients :

  • Customers
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

Efficient Networks is committed to being a high quality provider and accomplishes this through continual improvement in customer satisfaction, supplier relationships and our business management systems.

Quick Facts

Efficient Networks International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Registration No: 200803459R,

Year Established: 2006

Key Technology: Broadband

Wireless Systems and Cabling Technologies

Business Nature: Wireless Consulting

(formerly Efficient Networks International (Singapore)) Government Trading Partner : 200803459R

Registration Status : EPPU Financial Grade S6 (up tp $3,000,000).

BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

News Events

  • 2007/02 Efficient Networks was involved in Radio Optimisation for Outdoor Node-B for Outdoor sites in Singapore

  • 2008/07 Efficient Networks provides RAN optimization and HS swap out Indoor/Outdoor PAT, FAT and Optimization of 1500 node-B

  • 2007/12 Efficient Networks wins Wireless@Sg Access Point deployment project with local company

  • 2008/04 Efficient Networks is incorporated Officially as Efficient Networks (S) Pte Ltd

  • 2008/05 Efficient Networks joins BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

  • 2008/06 Efficient Networks completes RBS E1 expansion and upgrades for 250 sites

  • 2008/09 Efficient Networks win Orchard Central Elevator and Escalator supervisory and controls cabling project

  • 2009/03 Efficient Networks successfully completes 3G 2nd carrier expansion upgrade

  • 2009/01 Efficient Networks performs SMRT NEL 2G coverage enhancement ATP .

  • 2009/05 Efficient Networks is awarded Marina Bay Financial Centre elevator supervisory and controls cabling project.

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