Efficient Networks is proud to have achieved the BizSAFE level 3 certification awarded by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council.  Having the bizSAFE Level 3 certification assures all our key stakeholders – including customers, employees and industry partners – that our Company is committed towards workplace occupational safety.  This follows that Efficient conducts businesses with clients that in a structured process with a focus on safety procedures befitting our bizSAFE certification. 

What this certification means is that our Company has implemented and have been audited for Risk Management processes by an external auditor, and it complies with the requirements in the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WHSA) and its subsidiary legislation.

Recieving bizSAFE Level 3 is an important step towards striving for excellence in the WSH management system.

We look forward towards implementation of advancement of  OSHA and ISO9001 management systems within our groups.

News Events

  • 2007/02 Efficient Networks was involved in Radio Optimisation for Outdoor Node-B for Outdoor sites in Singapore

  • 2008/07 Efficient Networks provides RAN optimization and HS swap out Indoor/Outdoor PAT, FAT and Optimization of 1500 node-B

  • 2007/12 Efficient Networks wins Wireless@Sg Access Point deployment project with local company

  • 2008/04 Efficient Networks is incorporated Officially as Efficient Networks (S) Pte Ltd

  • 2008/05 Efficient Networks joins BCA Contractors Registry : ME04 Communication & Security Systems Exp:05/2012

  • 2008/06 Efficient Networks completes RBS E1 expansion and upgrades for 250 sites

  • 2008/09 Efficient Networks win Orchard Central Elevator and Escalator supervisory and controls cabling project

  • 2009/03 Efficient Networks successfully completes 3G 2nd carrier expansion upgrade

  • 2009/01 Efficient Networks performs SMRT NEL 2G coverage enhancement ATP .

  • 2009/05 Efficient Networks is awarded Marina Bay Financial Centre elevator supervisory and controls cabling project.

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